A tent is widely used when people go hiking or trekking. The trekking is mostly done in the hilly areas where the weather can change anytime. Thus, it becomes essential to carry the tents that offer protection from the harsh weather especially the rain which can drench you and your belongings. When considering the tents, go for the best waterproof tent. These are mostly available in materials like nylon, polyvinyl chloride, and polyester etc. To add to their effectiveness, several coatings are also applied to the fabric. In order to stay comfortably for some days in the tent, you can use the tent accessories such as the tent mattress, sleeping bag, and many other materials.

What are the different types of materials used in the tent?

Cotton tent – it is one of the best fabrics for the tent. Though it is a bit heavy in weight as compared to other tents it is the best material when it comes to breathability. It is the best material to keep you cool on a hot day and warm in the nights. With several coatings on the tent, it is made waterproof.

Nylon tents – if you are going on hiking then you should prefer nylon tents. These are light in weight so it is not a burden to carry them. The fabric is waterproof and hence secures you from the rain. In some tents, nylon coating is used to extend the durability of the tent.

PVC tents – there are some large tents made up of polyvinyl chloride. This type of tent is waterproof and durable. If you are going on hiking and worried about the rain then you can feel relaxed if you stay in the polyvinyl chloride tents. If you want to stay in a good ventilated tent then it is the best idea to choose the PVC tent.

In many tents, PVC coating is done to add to its durability and make it waterproof. There is a silicone coating as well used to add to the functionality and durability of the tents.

What are the major tips that you should consider before buying a tent?

Numbers of people – tents are generally small in size. So, based on the number of people who are going to stay in a tent, you should buy a tent. A small standard sized tent is good for two people. However, if the people are more in numbers you should buy a large sized tent.

Packability – when buying the tent people mostly overlook its packability. You should try packing the tent and see if it can be packed easily in your backpack. The lightweight tents which can be packed easily in your luggage are the best to consider.

Use and budget – the tents are available in huge variety. It depends on the use and budget which one you buy. If you are going for a night out then you can consider a little bit heavy tent which is cheap. But if you are going on a camping or any adventure then you should go for ultralight tents that are easy to carry but they might be a bit expensive.