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This website is, as you can tell, a work in progress.


This website is, as you can tell, a work in progress. There are just many different parts that go into this website. The acceptance form, of course, has some code behind it. And just like any other kind of computer code, there will always be room for improvement. You know this, we know this, everybody knows this.

If you’ve ever written an academic paper, you know that most of the time it is not bulletproof. Seriously. There is really no way you can cover all your bases and come up with an academic paper that is going to speak to all the issues raised in the minds of people who are going to read that material. That’s just not going to happen. No way.

But the good news is that there is always room for improvement because you can always amend. You could always come up with a new edition. You can always come up with a modified submission. That’s what’s so awesome about most academic submission processes.

The same applies to our website. We’re not exactly saying that we slapped this together, but it definitely was put together in a fairly short amount of time. And as you can tell, and yes, you probably already know, there are a lot of things that could go wrong. This is where you come in.

If you click through a page or click through a link and the content somehow, some way, doesn’t appear correctly, do let us know. Please reach out and help us identify the problem so we can get to the bottom of it.


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Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we are going to fix the problem overnight. That’s just not going to happen, given how busy our academic careers are. But you can rest assured that if you keep seeing a problem and you do take a moment from your very busy schedule to let us know, we will eventually get to that issue.

Usually, we use a priority system. If a problem keeps getting reported over and over again, we are more likely to pay attention to that issue. On the other hand, if an issue comes up every once in a blue moon, we probably won’t have as many resources to devote to that. We’ll still get to it, but we are going to focus on higher priority issues first.

So whether you are missing information or pages won’t load or links are broken, do let us know. Also, if you have any access to some sort of academic submission resource website, share the word with us. We’d love to post a link to it, we’d love to discuss it, and we’d love to publish a small snippet describing what that resource is about and who it caters to.

It is our hope that with proper collaboration with the greater global academic community, would truly live up to its fullest potential. Feel free to speak up. Don’t be shy. This site is really only as good as the people who visit and contribute to it. Do it today!