Universal Rejection is an academic submission website that, you guessed it, practices universal rejection.

About universalrejection.org

The rejection here is total and complete. It doesn’t matter how good your paper is, it doesn’t matter how much time you put into it, and it doesn’t matter what your academic titles are. You may have a lot of letters after your name—it can be BA, MBA, PhD, it doesn’t matter—you are going to get rejected again and again and again.

Now, you may be thinking, what is the point of this website? Is this some sort of exercise in sadism or sadomasochism? Why would people even bother knowing that they would be absolutely and totally rejected? If their chances of failure is set at 100%, why should people even visit this website in the first place?

These are great questions and the answer, of course, is that we are preparing you for what is out there. By setting the bar of rejection to a total 100%, we know that the only way you can go, as far as acceptance chances are concerned, is up.

If you went from total rejection, then a 1% acceptance rate no longer seems dismal. It no longer seems hopeless. It no longer seems like an exercise in futility. Instead, you see the ray of hope and the fact that there is at least a statistical chance that you will succeed.

Sounds awesome, right? That is exactly the kind of effect that we’re trying to create here at universalrejection.org.

What we do

Nothing against

Despite the name of this website, we don’t have anything against you. Seriously. We’re not hoping that you fail. We have no dog in your fight for academic excellence or academic positions.

Help people

Instead, our goal is to help people in the academic world, whether they are seniors in college turning in a thesis or PhD students worrying themselves sick about their dissertation or tenured professors trying to kick around new paper ideas, of the reality out there.

Promptly rejected

Every single year, hundreds of thousands of academic papers are submitted and they are promptly rejected. That’s the reality. And when you look at the statistics, they may seem very dismal. In fact, the more elite or reputable an organization is, the higher its rejection rate.

Everything else looks good

So the whole point here is when you go through a process where the rejection rate is 100%, everything else looks good. As the old saying goes, I’ve been down so long, everything starts looking up. Can you imagine that?

More helpful

So when you go through this website and you get rejected again and again and again, the moment you start pivoting and submitting to other institutions, you become more hopeful because at least there is no guarantee that you will be rejected. And even if your chances of success is seemingly dismal as 1%, it would still look like a ray of light compared to a total and 100% predictable full rejection rate.

A ray of light

Make no mistake about it, universal rejection, far from being a celebration of failure and disappointment, is actually a ray of light for people who want to see that ray of hope. We wish you the best.